Fire Welding

One of the most interesting parts of blacksmithing is the ability to weld iron or steel together, called fire welding or forge welding. Before modern electrical welding was invented, if one wanted some iron welded together, one would have gone to the blacksmith.

Fire welding is fairly simple, but the right conditions must be met for the weld to work: a high enough temperature, a clean fire, and some flux to prevent the iron from forming an oxidizing scale.

Welding is helpful most when the blacksmith wants to attach some larger material to smaller material. Instead of having to thin out the material through forging, the blacksmith can simply weld a thinner piece to the thicker one.

Perhaps the blacksmith needs to attach different decorative pieces together, like leaf stems to a flower, or a handle to a tool. This is best done through forge welding. That is precisely what I am doing in the video below. I am welding a handle to a shaft for a fireplace tool.

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