Blacksmith Tools

Interested in getting started in blacksmithing? Or are you wanting to add some quality tools to your smithy? Check out the selection below….

Hello! At this time I am only taking orders through my Etsy shop. Please come and visit me there. Here is the link: HV Forge Etsy Shop. All current listings, prices, and shipping conditions are to be found there.

Thank you!

~HV Forge


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Hot Cut Chisel, Butcher Tool, and Center Punch

Here are three essential tools for the blacksmith. 

Included in this order:
1 x Hot Cut Chisel
1 x Butcher Tool
1 x Center Punch

All three tools are about 7 inches long. The chisel and the butcher tool are 1 inch in diameter at their thickest parts. The centre punch is 1/2 inch diameter at its thickest part.

All three tools are forged from high carbon steel, hardened and heat treated.

Repoussé Tools

These are three repoussé stakes hand forged from high carbon steel, hardened and tempered. They are designed to be locked into a vice for secure mounting.

Each of the three stakes has a tool on each end resulting in six tools. 

The six tools are:
Flat end stake – narrow
Flat curved end stake
Ball end stake – 3/4 inch diameter
Ball end stake – 1 inch diameter
Crowned end stake – 1/8 inch
Crowned end stake – 1/4 inch

There are two set types available to buy: 
1) The three repoussé stakes 
2) The three repoussé stakes and one hot cut chisel (7 inches long, 1 inch wide)

Just let me know what you’d like.

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