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Herb Chopper ~ Forged from Recycled Motorcycle Sprocket

Here is a high quality herb chopper.

I live in Cambodia where the main mode of transport is the motorcycle. Thus, there are a lot of worn out sprockets. And worn out sprockets can be recycled into great herb choppers.

The sprockets I use are high quality steel and make for good cutting edges.

As these are hand made, each one looks a little bit different, but all are about the same size.

The choppers are finished with coconut oil and beeswax and are safe for use with food.

Send me a message if you have any questions about buying one.

The cost of one herb chopper is CA$75 (approx. US$57). The shipping cost is included in the price.

Cambodian Coffee & Blacksmith Forged Spoon

A perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, which might be yourself! 

Cambodian coffee has a rich and strong flavour, just as the local Khmer people like it. I live in Cambodia, so I get it straight from the source.

Along with this coffee, I have hand forged a spoon to make it easy for you to scoop the powder into your coffee machine. The spoon is made from one piece of iron, and is finished with coconut oil so is safe to use with food and drink.

You can choose how much coffee you would like: 500 grams (approx. 1.1 pounds), or 1000 grams (approx. 2.2 pounds). Just let me know when you make your order.

The cost of 500 grams of coffee (with spoon) is $CA85 (approx. US$65).

The cost of 1000 grams of coffee (with spoon) is $CA100 (approx. US$77).

Express shipping is included in the price.

Men’s Razor & Brush Stand

This is a hand forged men’s razor and brush stand. 

The piece is made from a 1 inch by 1/4 inch section of steel curved and riveted to a 1 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch base. Built to last, it will provide you many decades of use. 

The stand holds both a razor and a brush.

The stand shown in the photos is personalized. I can do this, but what I can write is very limited as I only have one size of letter stamps. I can only stamp six characters.

The cost of this stand is CA$100 (approx. US$75). This price includes worldwide express shipping.

Tobacco Pipe Tool Set & Stand

These are hand forged tobacco pipe tools with openable ring.

The tools are a pick, reamer, and tamper.

Also included is a pipe stand.

The measurements are shown in the photos.

The cost of these tools is CA$70 (approx. US$53). That price includes express shipping.

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