Door Bolt Install

Here is a quick guide to installing the door bolt I sell on my Etsy shop. The bolt is a simple design and is fairly easy to install, although there may be some chisel work and/or drilling depending on your situation. Every door is different, so this is only a guide. Strap #1 holds the... Continue Reading →

Fire Welding

One of the most interesting parts of blacksmithing is the ability to weld iron or steel together, called fire welding or forge welding. Before modern electrical welding was invented, if one wanted some iron welded together, one would have gone to the blacksmith. Fire welding is fairly simple, but the right conditions must be met... Continue Reading →

Suffolk Latch Install

Below is an installation guide for the Suffolk latch set I sell on my Etsy shop. Every door is different, so these instructions are only a guide. I suggest someone with some handyman/handywoman experience install the latch. The thumb latch must go on the side of the door which opens away from you, and the... Continue Reading →

Blacksmith Literature

Blacksmithing is a trade which was replaced so quickly in the rapid industrial revolution that it almost seems to have been frozen in time. The tools and methods used by modern day blacksmiths are not much different from 150 years ago. And so, educational literature from decades ago is still just as useful for today's... Continue Reading →

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