Door Bolt Install

Here is a quick guide to installing the door bolt I sell on my Etsy shop. The bolt is a simple design and is fairly easy to install, although there may be some chisel work and/or drilling depending on your situation. Every door is different, so this is only a guide.

Strap #1 holds the bolt and is mounted to the door. Strap #2 guides the bolt and is also mounted to the door. Strap #3 is mounted on the door jam or casing and accepts the bolt in the locked position. Strap #3 is not needed if the bolt inserts into the door jam when locked.

My advice is to install strap #2 first, close to the edge of the door. Then install strap #1 so that the bolt is level horizontally and can slide through strap #2 freely, past the edge of the door and into strap #3 enough to lock the door securely. Also, strap #1 should be mounted close enough to strap #2 so that the bolt will not slide out of strap #2 when the bolt is in the open position. There is a rivet installed on the bolt to prevent the bolt from sliding too far in strap #1. See photo below….

Strap #3 just needs to be installed to accept the bolt as needed.

If you purchased my door bolt, thank you for doing so, and I hope you get many years of use from it.

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